Cairo: The 158th session of the Arab League Council opened on Sunday on the permanent-delegate level under the chairmanship of Libya with issues of Arab joint action, notably the Arab-Israeli conflict, featuring prominently on the agenda.

In his inaugural address, Libya's Delegate to the League Abdullatif Thabet said the exceptions conditions on the international arena require exerting more efforts to formulate a unified Arab stance to prevent spillover of the instability and conflicts.

"Despite the current challenging conditions, Libya was not distracted from working under the umbrella of the Arab League to support Palestine question," Ambassador Thabet pointed out.

He stressed the need to stick to the principled Arab stances and the UN resolutions related to the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination and statehood.

He voiced hope that Libya's presidency of the current session of the League Council would help reach a negotiated comprehensive political settlement to the Libyan crisis in keeping with the international legitimacy.

On his part, Lebanon representative to the League and chairman of the last session of the Council Ali Al-Halabi reaffirmed the commitment of Arab countries to supporting the Palestinian people's struggle for establishing an independent Palestinian state within the pre-June 1967 borderlines and with Jerusalem city as its capital. He stressed the need to establish a fair, comprehensive and permanent settlement to the Arab-Israeli conflict that could guarantee putting an end to the Israeli occupation of Arab land in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, and ensure return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes.

The current session is discussing a range of political, security, legal, social, financial and administrative issues, as well as the report of the League's Secretary General on the progress of Arab joint action.

Kuwait delegation to the meeting is led by the country's Ambassador to Egypt and Permanent Delegate to the League Ghanim Al-Ghanim.