Cairo: The joint military exercise 'Hercules 2' in which the special forces of the Arab and foreign countries took part, came to a close on Saturday.

The drill, which began last Sunday and took place at Mohammad Naguib Military Base, included special forces from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Greece and Cyprus.

The US, Democratic Republic of Congo and Bahrain took part in the training as 'observers, Egypt's Armed Forces spokesman Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez said in a statement.

The final exercise involved the implementation of raiding a "terrorist outpost" inside a border village, eradicating it and regaining control over the village, he said.

He noted that multi-mission aircraft carried out reconnaissance operations and provided air assistance to the forces partaking in the drill.

In addition, the drill covered liberating the hostages after some military engineers had discovered improvised explosive devices, and dealt with them and made holes in the buildings, he stated.

Abdel Hafez indicated that the forces carried out several drills with varied techniques using different weapons.

The drills come in continuation of boosting military ties between Egypt, and friendly and sisterly countries, with the aim of sharing expertise by using all high-tech-weapons, he concluded.