Khalid Al-Fajji

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Director General of Kuwait Sport Promotion (KSP) said world boxing will see a unique sports event when three Arab boxers will make their professional debut on July 17 in the Spanish city of La Coruna in cooperation with the professional boxers association in the north of Spain, in their first step as professional boxers.

Khalid Al-Fajji, whose company is organizing the event, said 13 boxers from Europe were selected as per their results as professionals, in addition to three boxers from Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan, and this will be their first participation as professionals. "We hope the Arab boxers give an outstanding performance and come out winners to be the best ambassadors for their countries in this noble sport," he said.

Fajji said this international event will witness eight bouts in various weight categories, expecting strong competition due to the participation of a number of top boxers from Britain and Spain, which will improve the winners' ranking.