Another great addition to Boutiqaat’s high-end collection, Boutiqaat and Tatera… an exclusive and groundbreaking partnership

Boutiqaat, the eCommerce pioneer in the Middle East has recently launched “Tatera”, a renowned name in the Perfume and Bakhour industry in the GCC.

Boutiqaat is committed to provide best-in-class perfumes to its customers, and Tatera is a perfect addition to its luxurious and prestigious line of Perfumes and Home Scents.

The reason behind Tatera’s widespread and exemplary reputation in Kuwait and the GCC is the brand’s philosophy and vision. Tatera is not a perfume, it is a philosophy, where an individual walks into their home and comes across elements of beauty in every corner of the house.

Tatera aspires to have its products reflect its philosophy, with its simplistic design of beautiful products which speak volumes about the brand. Every bottle is meticulously designed to fit perfectly in one’s hand, making its products captivating in both its essence and presentation.