alsayer-invacareKUWAIT: Al-Sayer Medical Co one of the Al Sayer Group Holding Companies has launched two advanced mobility products including Rea Dahlia wheel chair for specific needs and TDX SP2 power wheel chair from Invacare, the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative mobility and home care medical products that promote recovery and active lifestyles.

The launch event was attended by delegates from Invacare Heinrich Braun Managing Director, Dr Ahmed Refaat Regional Area Manager and Eckhard Francksen Regional Invacare Trainee along with Dr Hossam Afify General Manager Al Sayer Medical Company, Representatives from the government and private sectors.

"Al-Sayer Medical Company is well placed to take significant role in the improvement of Kuwait healthcare system, with its focus on leveraging its success factors including the professional team, market and business expertise, the solid infrastructure, and most important the delivery of advanced pharmaceuticals and cutting-edge medical technologies and supplies", commented Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer CEO Al Sayer Group Holding.

Heinrich Braun Managing Director Invacare said "The Invacare vision is making people life experience possible based on design, manufacture and deliver the highest quality medical products that promote recovery and active lifestyles for people requiring home and other non-acute health care. Our commitment to quality and industry standards is paramount. This commitment to driving quality and patient safety is what makes Invacare a trusted supplier to the value of the patient supported with the top professional level of before and after sales services provided by our partner in Kuwait Al-Sayer Medical Company.

According to Hossam Afify General Manager Al-Sayer Medical Company "In tandem with our objective to provide Kuwait healthcare market with the most innovative medical products supported by unmatched customers and scientific services we are proud to launch two new products Invacare Rea Dahlia and Invacare TDX SP2 From our partner INVCARE catering to the mobility needs of the patients across all age groups promoting an independent lifestyle".

Dahlia - A versatile compact wheel chair for people with changing needs. The Invacare Rea Dahlia has it all, a slim and compact wheelbase in a modern design. It incorporates an adjustable center of gravity option and a light and easy tilt and recline function. For those seeking mobility with comfort and pressure relief, this versatile chair is perfect for both passive and active clients alike. TDX SP2 -Power Wheel Chairs for Unrivalled durability, ultimate performance and great maneuverability.

The Invacare TDX SP2 boasts unrivalled durability and ultimate performance. Great maneuverability indoors and out, with a wide choice of seating options for optimum comfort and support, the TDX SP2 is the power chair for individuals who need full functionality, but do not want to compromise on style. The modern aesthetics of the chassis add to the sleek appeal with a choice of 7 contemporary color options.

The event by Al Sayer Medical Company facilitated all attendees to communicate with the Invacare delegates, understand the products features and benefits in depth. The official launch and interactive presentation of the Invacare products was followed by illustration and hands-on experience sessions of the products.

The goal of Al Sayer Medical Company is to excel and expand the delivery of services offering as well as commit to offer new and unique medical and healthcare technology to become the destination for all healthcare facilities and professionals in Kuwait.

Al Sayer Medical Company was one of the fastest to be awarded the ISO standard certification within months of commencing its business operations, adopting the corporate principles of Best in the Business approach of the Group. Recently Al Sayer Medical Co. also inaugurated the biggest and the most prestigious healthcare outlet in Kuwait featuring "A to Z" of latest health and wellness products for your family meeting different medical needs under one roof.