alsayerKUWAIT: Al-Sayer Group, one of the leading conglomerates in the region held the Annual Employee Convention 2015 to recognize outstanding customer service efforts and honor distinguished "Best in the Business" teams across its non-trading and trading business units including Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer for Toyota and Lexus Sales Service Parts, Bahrah Trading Company for HINO, Bobcat, Doosan heavy equipment, Al-Sayer Engineering for Yokohama tires, Cofran and Valvoline oil, Nexa auto paint, Al-Sayer Medical Company, Car rental, Insurance, Litmus Advertising, KAFF for animal feed, Al Dhow for IT services and Tristar overseas trading division.

The event was initiated by Naser Al-Sayer Chairman, Faisal Bader Al-Sayer Vice Chairman, Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer CEO, Members of the Board Musaed Bader Al-Sayer, Sayer Bader Al-Sayer. Paul Reynolds COO, business heads, senior management delegates and 3000+ employees of the Group attended.

Welcoming all guests to the event Faisal Bader Al-Sayer Vice Chairman said "We have, over the years, met and overcome many challenges, lifting ourselves to being now No 1 by Far, through our serious attention of providing the best possible customer service."

Speaking during the event Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer CEO said "We have achieved some great milestones this year. Market shares in most of the Group's businesses have increased. It has been a fantastic year for Toyota and Lexus brands market shares with some great launch events, amazing promotions and impressive sales. Some of the other major brands such as Bobcat, Toyota Forklifts, Ashok Leyland, HINO have achieved levels unheard of in the majority of the world.

To compliment this record performance along with the objective of achieving sustainable growth, Al-Sayer Group is investing heavily facility expansion and technology enhancement through SAP enterprise suite implementation. Building new facilities as well as making enhancements to current ones has been one of the key strategies of the Group to facilitate customer convenience apart from offering a distinctive customer experience.

These customer care initiatives will be benefitted with the current SAP software implementation across the trading and non-trading units of the Group. SAP is the globally renowned enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations and the implementation at Al-Sayer Group will facilitate enhanced efficiency and reporting, integrated information, better customer service, data security and strong platform for continued growth. Mubarak also mentioned a special note of thanks to core team members of the SAP implementation project for playing an active role for a successful implementation later in 2016.

Mission - Outstanding Customer Service

Emphasizing the Group commitment towards customer service Paul Reynolds COO said "When the Company was originally set up in 1954, the Mission Statement was that it would only sell the best products from around the world, and support them with outstanding service. Whilst the Mission Statement words have changed over time, the philosophy remains the same as it was 60 years ago."

Outstanding customer service efforts at Al-Sayer Group makes the buying and owning experience of products, the best in the business. As a testimony of this Group CSI measures have risen over the years remarkably, where among 62 locations which were measured, 54 scored 95 percent+ CSI ratings, 11 of them earning the prestigious diamond award for scoring a perfect 100 percent.

Being Best In the Business - To be different, like no other

The Board of Directors vision is to become Best in the Business, aiming to make a big difference by being different - like no other. Gaining better level of trust from customers and Presenting best quality facilities are factors of top priority. The Chairman Award for Most Trusted and Vice Chairman Award for Best Facility reflects this strong commitment. Trust Levels show our efficiency and effectiveness of handling customer complaints and Quality of our facilities is a physical evidence and this always leave a long lasting impression, along with the new SAP software system making all customer transaction faster and efficient.

Training and Talent Management Efforts

The Group continue to focus on their development initiatives whether in terms of Competency Enhancement Centers, Personal Development Plan and delivering solutions to training needs identified as a result of performance appraisal. As part of their commitment to offer the best learning and growth initiatives to all employees, "Al-Sayer Academy" a new training facility will open in 2016 dedicated for developmental activities.

Al-Sayer Academy is a 5000 m. sq. purpose-built training and development center for both Al Sayer employees and young Kuwaitis to help develop young Kuwaitis to acquire skills which will help them to be ready for the world of work in the private sector, making effective contribution and find great job satisfaction in their chosen careers.

Guest Hospitality - 2016 the year to go beyond customer service

For all divisions of the Group, 2016 is the year to push the boundaries of customer service. It is the year to transform customer service and imbibe values of guest hospitality, considering every customer as a guest and making them feel at home while visiting any Al-Sayer facility. Board of Directors and Management encouraged all employees of the Group to work towards building a culture of hospitality within the divisions and departments.

Such important corporate events become a platform for all employees of the Group to celebrate the great success along with finding ways to working together, renewing the team bonding. The Best In The Business Annual Employee Convention will be followed by the mid-year conference during the second quarter of 2016.