Sheikh Mohammed Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah
Sheikh Mohammed Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah
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By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: The Social Cultural Society organized an event titled “Palestine in the Eyes of Athletes” featuring various sports personalities and athletes sharing their experiences and perspectives on the Palestinian cause.

The first speaker, renowned football commentator Hafiz Darraji from Algeria, expressed the difficulty of expressing his feelings in such a challenging and sensitive circumstance where pain is intertwined with hope. He emphasized the pain for the plight of the Palestinian people and the hope that this challenging period marks the beginning of a new era for the Palestinian cause. Darraji, visiting Kuwait for the fifth time, expressed his happiness and pride in receiving invitations from his Kuwaiti brothers to support the Palestinian people.

Highlighting the significance of the occasion, Darraji underscored the importance of athletes and influencers taking a stand on the Palestinian cause. He acknowledged that some athletes and influencers fell short of expectations, but stressed the crucial role athletes play in not only speaking about the cause but also uplifting the morale of the people in Gaza and occupied Palestine. Darraji expressed regret for some lukewarm stances while commending those who remained steadfast in supporting the rightful cause. He expressed hope that individuals would influence their respective regimes.

Football commentator Hassan Bader, through an audio message, addressed the dire situation, citing the heinous killing and destruction caused by Zionist bombardment against homes, establishments, hospitals, infrastructure and schools in Gaza. Despite the challenges, Bader emphasized their resilience and determination to remain steadfast on the Holy Land, driven by their rights and a profound message. He thanked the organizers for hosting the event.

Athletes Yousuf Al-Shatti, Sayeed Mohammad Al-Mousawi, Salman Al-Mousawi, Abdullah Al-Beloushi, Abdullah Miqdad Karam and Hassan Ibrahim expressed their unwavering support for the Palestinian cause. They shared the challenges faced in international arenas, where wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh resulted in the threat of penalties. Despite the consequences, they proudly continued to wear it, aiming to remind the world of the ongoing situation in Palestine and particularly Gaza.

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