By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Kuwait STC Football League's 17th round saw Al-Arabi Sports Club beat its Yarmouk counterpart by the score of 3-1. Al-Arabi now has 28 points in fourth place while Yarmouk remained at the bottom with a mere 8 points.

Al-Hadi Al-Sanousi of Al-Arabi scored his first goal in the 28th minute, and his second in the 78th, while Cedric Henry scored in the 32nd minute. Hashim Adnan scored Yarmouk's only goal in the 45th minute. Al-Arabi started strong and had several chances but Yarmouk defence thwarted all attempts at the start of the match.

Al-Yarmouk began the second half in a better shape, but its attacks lacked any significance and started to fade away, while Al-Arabi maintained its vigor and effectiveness. The referee awarded Henry a penalty kick after a foul by Ahmad Hani and Al-Sanousi was able to get the ball at the back of the net in the 78th minute.

The Farwaniya derby was won by Al-Nasser with the score of 2-1 against Tadhamon. Al-Nasser moved to 7th place with 18 points, while Tadhamon remained second to last with 13 points. Al-Nasser goals were scored by Mohammad Diham the 12th and Mohammad Shabib in the 75th minutes, while Yarmouk's lonely goal was scored by Abdelaziz Wadi in the 22nd minute.

Al-Nasser's performance improved as the match progressed with the movement of Ahmad Al-Riyahi with Khalid Shaman, Humoud Ayedh and Mohammad Diham who scored in the 12th minute with an assist from Al-Riyahi.
Despite being a goal behind, Tadhamon was able to attack, but Al-Nasser had a solid defence, until the 22nd minute when Abdelaziz Wadi was able to score. In the second half, Al-Nasser wasted a penalty kick then in the 75th minute Al-Nasser coverted a penalty kick by Mohammad Shabib which proved to be the winning goal.
Al-Sahel Sports Club overcame Al-Shabab with the score of 2-0. Al-Sahel is in sixth place with 18 points while Al-Shabab has 17 points and dropped to 18th place.