KUWAIT: Ahli United Bank (AUB) has released its annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report 2018 entitled "Youth and Environment" which includes details about the Bank's performance in various relevant fields, including employment opportunities, education and health, as well as social, cultural and charitable programs, being a part of the Bank's commitment to support sustainable development in Kuwait.
The report showcased the Bank's success in forging successful and fruitful partnerships with several community-focused organizations, including the Red Crescent Society, Al-Manabr Al-Quraniya Society, Loyac Organization and Omniya Recycling Factory. Such partnerships have contributed to the continuity and sustainability of the social initiatives and activities adopted by the Bank, making it a role model for community efforts and programs.

The report highlighted in numbers the success of the Bank's CSR efforts. The plastics recycling project with Omniya Recycling Factory resulted in the collection of 2 tons of plastic, equivalent to 20 m3 of landfill through placing bins in the Head Office, all branches of the Bank, and having collection points in a number of areas of Kuwait, such as Al-Mubarakiya, Rumaithiya and Bayan near the Bank's branches. This is in addition to the positive impact of this partnership in reducing the amount of waste and promoting the recycling culture, as well as creating opportunities for the presence of ambitious projects by Kuwaiti youth. Environmental awareness efforts for the Bank's employees have also succeeded in saving electrical consumption by 50 percent through using energy-saving lamps and increasing paper savings rate by 8 percent during 2018 compared to 2017.

The report includes the highlights of activities and initiatives in the field of social responsibility undertaken by the Bank as a leading financial institution in Islamic banking, and one of the key national institutions supporting the community at all levels.
The report sheds light on the Bank's initiatives in social responsibility. The report covers a wide range of community support and development initiatives, aimed at enhancing the Bank's positive contribution to supporting youth and their programs. The Bank's program was also focused on events that support protecting and conserving the environment, including organizing the "Fun Run" activity with financial proceeds allocated to charity for lighting of remote areas outside Kuwait by using solar-powered lamps. The Bank also celebrated Earth Day as a reflection of its care for the planet we live in. Parks and public places received a share of the Bank's social responsibility efforts.

Youth have always been at the forefront of the Bank's CSR Program through a number of strategic partnerships and sponsorships, including the "Qalam Academy" initiative to develop the seeds of creativity among participants, being the first of its kind to promote, encourage and develop youth writers and authors. The people of determination have been the focus of attention by the Bank to encourage them and integrate them into the society. The Bank's participation in "Partners to Employ Them" campaign was a practical translation of this direction.
Commenting on the report, Sahar Dashti, General Manager Customer Protection and head of the Bank's CSR Team, said: "At a steady pace, Ahli United Bank continues to affirm its leadership in the field of CSR which is the responsibility of every member in the society, in line with the vision of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah 'New Kuwait 2035', which includes number of pillars that will serve the State and contribute to driving the process of development".
Dashti added: "2018 was a pivotal year in the Bank's CSR vision, where the focus areas of youth and environment received great attention, through a number of activities, including strategic partnerships, sponsorships, training programs, field visits and successful campaigns targeting all segments of society".