Fawzy Al Thunayan & Ali Al Baghli with the winning teams

KUWAIT: Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) announced the conclusion of the 6th annual football tournament, which was held at 'The Corner' Soccer Field in Kuwait City, next to Kuwait Towers. The exciting day-long event took place on Nov 7. A total of 8 academies for children between the ages of 9 and 10 years old participated in the tournament: Kuwait Brazouka, Al-Jahra Stars, Barcelona, Messi, Al-Azory, Al-Ahli, The Pharaohs and Galasso.

The ABK football tournament is part of ABK's annual Social Responsibility Program which aims to engage with the public by encouraging sport and a healthy lifestyle. The tournament, which was launched in 2011 has grown substantially in popularity year on year and attracts a wide range of teams and supporters.

Fawzy Al Thunayan, General Manager, Board Affairs at ABK alongside Ali Al Baghli, Senior Manager Corporate Communications, attended the event to present the prizes to the winning teams. The first place was won by "Brazouka" consisting of players: Ahmed Al-Beloushi, Omar Shajaea, Haitham Al-Mahameed, Ayham Nassar, Fares Jallad, Hamad Al-Jalahma, Abdullah Al-Mahameed, Husseing Murad and Hamza Al-Khateeb, with each team member received KD 60. The second place was taken by "Al-Jahra Stars" Academy consisting of players: Basel Al-Rashidi, Mohamed Mesfer, Abdullah Atiyya, Aziz Saleh, Hussein Ali, Zaid Khalifa, Aziz Fahed, Yousef Ahmed, Abdul-Rahman Bander, and Abdullah Al-Azimi, with each team member received KD 40.

Hady Ahmed, the team player of the Pharaohs Academy received the "Best Player Prize". Saleh Mousa, the team player of Al-Ahli Academy received the tournament top scorer's prize. The best goal keeper prize was taken by Basel Al-Rashidi, from Al-Jahra Stars Academy.