The chance to earn an annual salary of Can$100,000 (US$78,000) by tasting more than 3,500 candies, all from the comfort of your couch, sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Candy Funhouse, a Canadian online candy shop, is looking for a "Chief Candy Officer" to lead a team of product taste testers. "Early last year we were looking for Candyologists, our original taste testers and we currently have three on board," Funhouse spokeswoman Vanessa Janakijevski-Rebelo told AFP.

"Now we are on the hunt for our Chief Candy Officer who will guide our Candyologists down the sweetest path possible!" Responsibilities range from approving new products to organizing staff meetings or acting as chief taster, as well as "all things fun." The offer is open to anyone aged five and up living in North America.

The main requirements include having "golden taste buds" and an "obvious sweet tooth," according to the job listing on LinkedIn. Candy Funhouse said it has received more than 100,000 candidates in two weeks. On social media, the posting is a big hit with adults and children alike. One Twitter user said that his eight-year-old daughter had made a LinkedIn profile just to apply.

"It's official @candyfunhouseca, she has applied. Thank you for helping her learn about hard work and the importance of a strong resume, even if she's only 8," Matthew Crooks wrote on his account. Once chosen, the lucky new hire will undergo "extensive palate training." Job benefits include, naturally, "an extensive dental plan." - AFP