realfouzOnce in a while, we go through ups and downs that either give us a reality check or makes us truly appreciate the things we have in life and what we shouldn't take for granted. Lately, I've been amazed by the alarming increase in negativity within people, maybe because I live my life with public I get to see or experience it more, but it has become an issue most people deal with.

Wether or not you live your life publicly, I'm sure you realize how all of a sudden problems seem to snowball or just pile all at once, then again, they all disappear. I'm the type of person that works better under pressure, it's just how I am. I also like to drown myself with work whenever I'm feeling down. I find that lately people's mentalities towards accepting others and what they do have become more negative than positive, of course people who love themselves and who see the good in others don't suffer from such a mentality.

Many people ask me how I deal with all the negative posts and comments people post about me or how I deal with the negative side in general, and my answer is always "I don't". I don't deal with it full stop. During my 25 years of existence, I've been through enough of experiences, bullying, problems and what on that made me love myself and respect myself. It's hard to see the good when people are being negative towards you, but you know what? People do that to you when they want you to stop whatever it is that you are doing well. No one would pay attention to you if you're not doing something that is worthy. I've reach a point in life where I am capable of blocking people out of my brain, not necessarily out of my life. When you're in peace with yourself you will genuinely feel sorry and sad towards people who carry around so much hate and shallowness.

People who feel the need to constantly talk about others negatively, bring them down or try to harm them in any sort of way, physically/mentally/emotionally are not happy people. They may act like they are, but they're really not. No one who's happy and satisfied with their life, job, family and friends has the time of day to feel anything but happy for others. You don't need to know people personally in order to see the good in others, you can always have your opinion about people but if it was negative then you should keep it to yourself unless you express it maturely and respectfully.

We are all human, we all feel, and those emotions play a huge role towards out character and what we end up feeling can either ruin another human being or encourage another human being to do bigger and better things in their life. People don't seem to understand that sometimes people can be weak, and that one thing you say about them or to them can seriously cause emotional damage, some people can't deal with any judgment at all to a point where it causes them depression and they can be antisocial, but why do that to anyone? Life is too short! Enjoy it, go out, travel with good company, experience life and meet new people who might give you a whole new prospective about life.

When you genuinely love yourself you can love others, achieve that goal you've been thinking about, make that dream become a reality, and get that job you've been waiting for. Love yourself, self-worth is essential. Be around friends and lovers that want to see you happy, healthy and successful. Give people a chance to prove themselves to you, not everyone is the same. Once you become positive you attract positive vibes and positives tribes. Aim for love, stability and most importantly health.