kuwait-airwaysKUWAIT: In furtherance to its ongoing commitment to 'Kuwaitisation' and to the ongoing training of national talent, Kuwait Airways has today confirmed that a total of 38 Kuwaiti nationals are currently undergoing pilot training and will soon be ready for active duty. Out of one group of 20 trainees, four are undergoing their basic ground training, four are at the Flight Simulator stage, and 11 are in the advanced stages of training and nearing active full-time duty.

From another intake of 18 Kuwaiti national trainees, five have recently completed their (basic flying training, having obtained their PPL (Private Pilot's License). These candidates will soon undergo ground and simulator training, prior to online training, while awaiting the remaining 13 trainees of this recruitment intake to join them, in October and November.

"As the official national carrier for Kuwait, we welcome our role and responsibility towards the ongoing development of the Kuwaiti community and we are proud of the high number of Kuwaiti nationals who make up the captains and first officers of our fleet," said Kuwait Airways' Chairperson and CEO, Rasha Al-Roumi.

According to the airline, the recruitment and training of Kuwaitis is an important pillar in its strategy to be a top-ranked company to work for, among Kuwaitis, and to be an active contributor to the development of the nation's talent and human resources.