KUWAIT: The grace period the interior ministry gave to residency violators to leave the country without paying any fines and with the possibility of returning, or correcting their status, ended yesterday. A security source said the number of violators who left the country is 34,452, while 20,725 corrected their status and obtained legal residency in the country. The source said the number of those who took advantage is 55,177 people out of a total of 155,000 illegals, or 35.6 percent. The source said all those who started procedures to leave or adjust their status can continue to do so without facing legal charges.

Illegal entry

A Syrian man was arrested for entering the country illegally and was sent to Salmiya police station. Special missions personnel had suspicions about a man, so they approached him. He then started to run, but was caught. Police found he had left the country and his residency was cancelled. He was taken to Salmiya police station for questioning.


Naeem police station investigator arrested an Egyptian man for urging immorality and misuse of the phone, following an accusation by an Iraqi woman, who gave police printed material. The accused did not give any justification for his actions other than claiming that he was only joking and did not mean to instigate any immoral action. The Iraqi wedding planner told Naeem police that the Egyptian, who works in a company dealing with wedding dresses, sent her indecent messages. The man was detained pending further legal action.

Homosexuals arrested

A Georgian and a Frenchman, who offered sexual services on the Internet, were arrested by vice detectives after they arrived in Kuwait on visit visas to meet customers. The two homosexuals each charge KD 100 per hour for their services.


A uniformed man lodged a complaint against a Syrian national for beating and insulting him. A security source said the two were sent to the police station for further action.


Two bedoons and a citizen were injured during a fight in Kabd and were taken to Farwaniya Hospital for treatment of fractures and wounds. Police are investigating.

Abnormal condition

Taima police arrested a driver in an abnormal condition after he collided with three vehicles across a Taima school. Passersby told police that a pick-up truck hit the vehicles, while a passenger threw a bag inside the school. The two were arrested while policemen went to the school to look for the bag.


Ahmadi police station investigator published descriptions of an SUV that was stolen from an expat. A security source said an Indian man named Akash, who lives in Abu Halifa, said that he was forced to stop after his vehicle was hit by a car with three persons inside. He said the three men circled him and beat him up, while one of them got inside the vehicle and drove away. Police are investigating.

Separately, police arrested an Indian national who took a Ghanaian man's car by force. The victim went to Jabriya police station and told them an Indian he knows made a deal with him to buy his car. The Indian said he wanted to test-drive it, but he did not return the car. When the Ghanaian went to his house, he refused to hand over the car and threatened to harm him. Hawally detectives saw the suspect driving the car, so he was arrested. He denied the charges and said he was still test-driving the car, but it was proven to the contrary and he was referred to concerned authorities. - Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa