At least 33 prisoners have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, but their condition is 'stable', the interior ministry announced on Sunday. Preventive and health measures have been taken in line with the instructions of the health ministry, the interior ministry's security media and public relations department said in a statement.

It pointed to the continued recovery of those infected, stressing there are no worries about them. Being keen on the safety of prisoners, medical swab tests were conducted on prisoners that led to the discovery of the 33 infected cases, it said. Only one infected case was admitted to Farwaniya Hospital.

The infected inmates have been separated from other prisoners in accordance with the instructions of the health ministry, the statement said, affirming abidance by all relevant health preventive measures. In addition, the statement referred to continued coordination with the health ministry to conduct required periodical tests, based on keenness for the prisoners' safety. — KUNA