KUWAIT: Detectives solved the mystery of case pertaining with the disappearance of a Bangladeshi man, as they discovered that he died during a work accident. Investigations revealed that one of the man's compatriots who operates a dump truck unknowingly emptied a load of solid garbage on him at Mina Abdullah landfill a month ago. A security source said that the truck driver told one of his colleagues about what happened, and they both thought the matter will not be discovered. But the deceased's brother went to Mina Abdullah police station and told them about the disappearance of his brother. He told them that the man worked at the landfill, and gave them the identity of the person he worked with. When detectives questioned the deceased's friend, he confessed to what happened, adding that he attempted to save him but failed.

Smuggling foiled

Drugs Control General Department (DGCD) men arrested an Egyptian truck driver who attempted to smuggle 17 kg of hashish through the Abdaly border outlet. He hid the drugs in a spare tire and wrapped it with carbon and coffee to prevent it from being discovered by x-ray. DCGD received information about the driver smuggling drugs in his truck, and when he returned to Kuwait, his truck was searched and the 17 kg of hashish were found.

Deliveryman jailed

An Indian driver failed to escape after entering a Qairawan house to have sex after being caught in the maid's room. The suspect worked as a driver at a restaurant, and developed a relationship with the maid when he delivered a meal to the house, according to investigations. He then began an illegal relationship with the maid. The suspect told the maid's sponsor he wanted to marry her, but failed to convince him. Both he and the maid were jailed.

Thief at large

A thief entered a Syrian man's apartment in Maidan Hawally and stole money and jewelry. It was discovered that he entered the apartment using a copy of the front door's key. The tenant told police that the jewelry is worth KD 4,000. Detectives are investigating. - Al-Rai