KUWAIT: More than 200 expats discovered that they had entered Kuwait with visas registered on the file of a citizen’s farm whose estimated number of laborers needed was forged, so they were placed on the wanted list and face deportation, although their residency permits are still valid. A security source said a citizen brought in 240 expats of various nationalities for his farm between 2014 and 2015.

Each of them paid between KD 1,600 to KD 1,800 for a work visa in Kuwait and were given a two-year residency permit. They then worked in other places while waiting to transfer their residency permits to other sponsors.

The source said several expats who had two months left on their visas wanted to renew them, only to find out that they were on the wanted list over a case of forging the number of required labor.

He said the expats went to their sponsor and reminded him of the agreement which said they remained on the file of his farm until the end of the two years, before transferring to other sponsors, but he told them it is not his mistake and that he had to lodge a complaint against them when the social affairs and labor ministry summoned and accused him of forging the number of required workers for his farm. —Al-Rai