Khalid Al-Ghanim

KUWAIT: The 21st Asian Clubs Handball Tournament will begin today at Kuwait club hall, and will continue until April 1st. The tournament will qualify winners to the "Super Globe 2019" (continental champions world championship). Kuwait Sports Club chairman, chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee Khalid Al-Ghanim welcomed the participating teams and wished them a pleasant stay in Kuwait.

He said the handball community is interested in the brotherly gathering of Asia's athletes and strengthen relations between Asia's youth regardless of results, and to serve the game and take it to the highest levels.

He said when Kuwait club was asked to organize the tournament, "we decided to work day and night to prepare everything related to the event according to best international standards as set by the international and Asian Handball Federations, to ensure its success, because it is the first official tournament to be held in Kuwait following a three year suspension of Kuwait sports at the international level."

Al-Ghanim thanked Director General of Public Authority for Sports Dr Humoud Fulaiteh and his deputy Dr Saqer Al-Mulla for their major support to host the tournament, he also thanked Kuwait Handball Federation, as well as the Asian Federation for cooperating to make the tournament a success.

Al-Ghanim thanked Deputy Director of PAS for construction and maintenance Sheikh Humoud Mubarak Al-Sabah for his efforts and keenness to provide all needs, especially in the main hall so that to make suit this important Asian event.

Thirteen teams will compete, and they are placed in four groups the first group has the clubs of Mudhar from Saudi Arabia, Dragon from China and Sadaqa from Lebanon. The second included Al-Jaish from Syria, Musqat from Oman and Wakra from Qatar.

The third group includes host Kuwait, Barbar from Bahrain, Karkh from Iraq and T-sport from India.

Kazma from Kuwait, Sharqia from UAE and Dehail from Qatar are in the fourth group, as the opening ceremony will be at 5:45 pm.

By Abdellatif Sharaa