KUWAIT: Ahmadi detectives are looking for a face-veiled woman who lured a Filipina maid to a camp with men who raped her, with a possibility that the woman presented a stolen or forged ID to the maids' office. A security source said that the domestic help office's owner said a veiled woman asked for a maid and entered a room where the maids were, and selected one, paid the down payment and handed a copy of a civil ID.

The owner said he was surprised two days later with the return of the maid who told him that when she left the office, a car was waiting, and they got in the backseat, while two men were in the front. The car went to a desert area with tents. When they entered a camp, the woman disappeared, while the two men along with others took turns raping her. Detectives heard the testimonies of the office's owner and the victim, who said she was able to escape when the suspects went to sleep.

Gas cylinders stolen

A restaurant owner told Maidan Hawally police that five gas cylinders were stolen from his store. He said an eyewitness said a red car was used by the thief.


A 22-year-old Indian man hanged himself to death at his sponsor's home in Adailiya. A suicide case was filed and investigations are in progress.

Drug abuse

A 22-year-old Kuwaiti girl was taken to the Drugs Control General Department after discovering she was using drugs. A security source said the girl was walking near Adailiya cooperative and collapsed all of a sudden. Paramedics were called, and she was found to be using drugs.

Reckless drivers

Policemen brought four reckless drivers in Ahmadi under control after they turned a crossroads into a racing track. The four were drag racing and skidding tires, creating noise and disturbance. Police surrounded the area to prevent them from escaping, then arrested them. The cars were impounded, and the four are facing further legal action.

Neighbors' fight

A fight broke out between two female Kuwaiti neighbors in Salmiya, who exchanged insults and threats, after one of them accused the other of beating her son. Neighbors attempted to cool things down but failed. Hawally patrols went to the building took both women to the police station for further legal action.

Compatriots' row

An Egyptian man was beaten by a compatriot using a hammer following a dispute between the attacker and his wife. The Egyptian told police that his female neighbor had a dispute with his wife over drying laundry on the roof and exchanged blows, so he went to rescue his wife, but the neighbor beat him with a hammer and injured his hand. The Egyptian submitted a medical report as he lodged a complaint.

Man mugged

A Bangladeshi man told Nugra police station an unidentified person beat him and stole phone recharge cards and KD 25. He said he hung on to the car, but the suspect dragged him on the street. He submitted a medical report. - Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa