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162 restaurant cited for ‘not wearing uniform’

KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Food and Nutrition’s (PAFN) assistant secretary for fines Bader Al-Aradah said 162 citations had been issued to restaurants and cafes for staff not wearing the place’s official uniform, noting that a single uniform fine can reach up to KD 500 unless the owner contests or reconciles within 60 days. Aradah added that uniform fines usually vary between KD 100 and 500. He noted that some serious violations had been detected, including not having health certificates.

4,000 registered

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) said that 4,000 citizens had registered in the 65th batch of citizens to be employed in state departments, adding that 300 of the applicants are still working on submitting all the needed documents. 

Storage regulations

Kuwait Municipality Director Ahmed Al-Manfouhi announced setting a charter to regulate storage on state-owned property, including storing machinery, equipment and labor dormitories on any construction site. In a letter he addressed to the finance ministry’s assistant undersecretary for state property, Manfouhi expressed hope that the municipality will be allowed to issue temporary licenses for such sites.

Meanwhile, municipality official Faisal Al-Jumaa stressed that the new organizational structure will include two locations to build two new cemeteries to serve new residential cities in the north and south of the country. Responding to a proposal by municipal council member Humoud Al-Enezi to build a cemetery in Sabah Al-Ahmed City, Jumaa noted that the two new cemeteries are included in the fourth (2040) organizational structure of Kuwait.  

By A Saleh

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