KUWAIT: Cardboard boxes containing liquor bottles found in a Jaber Al-Ahmad house yesterday

KUWAIT: Drugs Control General Department acted on tips about three people (one African national and two Arab men) who smuggled in 1,500 cartons of liquor and kept it in a house in Jaber Al-Ahmad City. The house was raided and the liquor was found. The African man was arrested while the other two are still at large.

Huge fire

Salmiya and Bidaa firefighters managed to control a huge fire that broke out in a power unit in Salmiya yesterday. The flames spread to a nearby vehicle, shack and a building under construction. No casualties were reported, and further investigations are in progress to determine the cause of the blaze.

Fatal accident

A citizen was killed and another injured in a traffic accident on Artal Road in Wafra. Police and paramedics were at the scene. The deceased's body was recovered by the coroner.


A woman wanted to put her ex-husband in trouble by driving recklessly in a graveyard while playing loud music. People there called the police and gave them the license plate number of the car she was driving. The woman had disputes with her ex-husband and wanted to take revenge, but people filmed her actions and confirmed to police that the driver was a woman. The husband was summoned, who told police the car was with his ex-wife, who always created problems for him. The woman was called in and was found wanted over a financial case.


Three women were hurt when they were attacked by two others at a chalet. The women handed medical reports to Nuwaiseeb police station. The women said an argument turned into a fight and they sustained the injuries stated in the report. Police are investigating.


A citizen who bought a mine at the Friday market went to Rai police station and handed it to them. The mine was examined and found to be without a detonator and full of sand.


A citizen was arrested in Ahmadi following fierce resistance, and a bag suspected of containing drugs was found with him. He was also found sentenced to four years in jail on felony cases.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies