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By Abdellatif Al-Sharaa

KUWAIT: Once again, Irada Square, located across from the National Assembly, served as the venue for a gathering in support of the people of Gaza, who have endured a month of relentless bombardment from air, land and sea. This onslaught has resulted in the tragic loss of lives, including the elderly and the young, mothers and infants. The explosives used in these attacks have unleashed destruction exceeding that of a nuclear bomb, two or three times over.

The event was organized by Kuwait University student organizations, with the theme “Get Your Keys Ready” serving as a symbol of Palestinians in the diaspora aspiring to liberate and return to their homeland.

One of the organizers expressed that this was a collective effort by students from different affiliations who believe that the Palestinian cause is a shared one. She noted that when political factions recognized the students’ efforts, they decided to support and collaborate with them to send a powerful message to the world.

MP Hamad Al-Matar was present at the gathering. “This is a message from the Kuwaiti people, conveyed through our youth, who represent 70 percent of Kuwaiti society. This generation firmly believes that the Palestinian cause is the cause of our entire nation,” he said. He also mentioned that Kuwaiti students collaborated with peers from nine other countries to organize similar events with the same theme. Matar emphasized the significance of this campaign, which originated from the youth, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the Palestinian cause.

Dr Ali Al-Kandari, a faculty member at Kuwait University, said it is not unusual for Kuwaiti students to organize such events. He emphasized that people, organizations and individuals, all members of Kuwaiti society and residents of Kuwait, were participating in support of this just cause. He urged those who may not be well-informed about the issue to learn, as the Palestinian cause is a matter of humanity, and the Palestinian people deserve support and the opportunity to live in dignity.

Several speakers highlighted the history of the Palestinians who left their homes in 1948, believing it would be a temporary departure before their return. They held onto the keys to their homes as a symbol of their determination to one day reclaim their homeland. The keys now represent a story of oppression, suffering, forced displacement and cold-blooded killings. The keys tell the tales of fathers carrying their children’s remains in bags and children who have lost their entire families.

Mansour Al-Madhahka expressed the honor of standing in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Gaza. He questioned the Human Rights Committee established in 1946, asking whether Palestinians have rights and where that committee has been for all these years. He declared that as students, they can only stand there today but will persist in their campaign until the rightful rights are restored to the Palestinians.

Khawla Al-Ghalayeeni, a Palestinian residing in Kuwait, carried a key, symbolizing her belief that the day of returning to her home in Palestine is near. She affirmed their determination to liberate their land, regardless of the time it takes.

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