Osama Al-Tahous, Jassim Abul Al-Kandari, Abdulaziz Al-Samhan, Waleed Al-Sharrah, Khaled Al-Hamad and Taher Al-Failakawi Osama Al-Tahous, Jassim Abul Al-Kandari, Abdulaziz Al-Samhan, Waleed Al-Sharrah, Khaled Al-Hamad and Taher Al-Failakawi

KUWAIT: Ten male candidates yesterday applied to the elections committee, filing nominations to run for by-elections in the third electoral constituency, said informed sources, pointing out that nominations would be accepted until Jan 22 and elections would be held on Feb 20.

Candidate Jassim Abul Al-Kandari declared he was independent and that he did not belong to any political movement or bloc, though he respects them all. Kandari added that his electoral agenda focuses mainly on issues of great interest to Kuwaiti public opinion, namely development, housing welfare and social issues like bedoons, retirees and divorced women.

Candidate Osama Al-Tahous stressed that his participation in the election was a duty aimed at supporting democracy. He also noted that disagreements for greater good were acceptable. He also noted that time was too short in view of the challenges facing Kuwaiti youth.

Candidate Abdulaziz Al-Samhan said much focus was needed on various issues such as housing welfare, education, subsidies, fuel prices and oil prices. "The current parliament has less than a year in office and this period might not be enough to evaluate lawmakers' performance, but observers can do that by watching their performance inside the parliament hall," he underlined.

Meanwhile, former Municipal Council member and member of the annulled parliament Hisham Al-Baghli yesterday announced running for the by-elections. He stressed that his agenda focuses on reform, in addition to several other major issues such as the economy, oil prices, subsidies and public services.

Open for all

Candidate Waleed Al-Sharrah said that the 'arena' was open for all those who feel capable of serving the nation to run for elections, and that this was why he is running. Sharrah said that more focus should be given to boosting the economy. Candidate Hassan Al-Osaimi said he is running to work on various projects and issues including economic projects, aspirations to unite GCC states and improving citizens' conditions.

Candidate Khaled Al-Hamad said that the remaining period of this parliament's tenure is insufficient and does not help MPs achieve the many aspirations of the Kuwaiti people. "Therefore, we will be keen on group work," he underlined. Candidate Taher Al-Failakawi said that there were too many issues to tend to and solve such as the housing problem and disabled people's rights.

Lieutenant Colonel Salah Al-Shatti, elections department manager at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said that registration is open until Feb 12. He added that the total number of voters in the 3th constituency is 18,218 that can vote in 20 schools - 10 for male and 10 for female voters. Notably, MoI's relations and security media has set up a special media center with all facilities needed for both candidates and media figures.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi