A students drawing competition was held, with the support of Palestine Embassy in Kuwait, under the slogan "colors from Palestine" from Dec 8, 2018 until Jan 20, 2019, with more than 10,000 students participating. Coordinator general of the tournament Adnan Saad said students of all stages participated from government, Arab, private and foreign schools.

'The aim of the competition is to have students express their feelings and knowledge about the beautiful nature, civilization heritage, culture and customs in the state of Palestine through their drawings be it water color, crayon or any other material that allows them to be creative in drawing a piece of Palestine and improve understanding between cultures through education, and benefit from the students and others culture and discover the reflection of the principle of cultures exchange at the local, regional and international levels, while gaining experience and skills thatare suitable with students ages, their levels and move with the arts culture in the fields of our artistic, popular and cultural heritage', Saad said.

'It also affirms the students selfness and provide opportunities to express their reactions and feelings as they form their personalities, along with the growth of arts feeling and awareness. It projects their ability of observation, thinking, imagination and accurate vision, besides constructive critique and artistic taste. Drawing will be a suitable tool hold dialogue, and achieve contact with all persons, even those who do not know how to draw,' he added.

Stages of participation were divided as follows: Elementary schools from (6-9 years), intermediate schools (11-13 years) and secondary schools from (14 years and above), this in addition to the participation of special needs schools. Valuable prizes will be given to the top 10 winners during the closing ceremony. The deadline for handing over drawings is Feb 28, 2019, and can be handed to the Palestine embassy from 8 am until 1 pm at Bayan, bloc 12 street 7 no. 24.

The officiating committee will be made of artists from outside the education sector, formative artists Abdelkareem Al-Enezi, Asaad Bunashi, and Zvitlana Ardent, head of the Kuwait-Ukraine friendship society as they will select the best 10 art works from each stage. The winning works will be evaluated on basis of creativity, effort, method and subject. The closing ceremony will be held at the auditorium of Gulf University for science and technology, and we are pleased to invite you for the ceremony and opening the exhibition of winning works at 4:30 pm, Sunday Feb 10, 2019.