ZINC to partner with Erada Business Incubator to host GVA workshop

Aspiring Kuwaiti entrepreneurs encouraged to attend workshop on Oct 14

KUWAIT: The Zain Innovation Centre, ZINC is partnering with Growth Velocity Academy (GVA) in conjunction with Erada Business Incubator to deliver a 2-hour workshop titled “How to get your first 5,000 customers”. The workshop, hosted at ZINC, located at Zain Kuwait Head offices on Sunday 14th October, will give attendees a glimpse into how some of Silicon-Valley’s top startups use Growth Hacking to scale rapidly.

The workshop is aimed at aspiring Kuwaiti digital marketers and growth hackers, entrepreneurs, corporates and “career transitioners” looking to leverage the digital space to grow their businesses and careers. The workshop will be followed by GVA’s flagship One-Week Intensive Digital Marketing Bootcamp – taking place in early December. Both the workshop and the bootcamp will be run by GVA’s lead instructor and London based co-founder Howard Kingston.

Established just under a year ago, GVA has already run a number of workshops & bootcamps in Lebanon and South Africa which have sold out in a matter of days, with many of their alumni going on to secure job promotions and new roles. GVA’s mission is to positively impact the lives of 1m people across the MENA region by 2030 by bringing Europe’s leading tech entrepreneurs to run various tech bootcamps that span digital marketing, user experience and data science.

Waleed Al-Khashti, Zain Kuwait’s Chief Corporate Communications and Relations Officer said, “As the first of its kind in Kuwait co-working hub provided by a corporate entity, ZINC aims to bolster youth entrepreneurship and the country’s startup ecosystem. We are partnering with Growth Velocity Academy and Erada Business Incubators to bring new expertise and information to the youth of Kuwait. We believe that greater access to world-class teaching and new insights will help to develop the digital leaders of tomorrow.”

Developing skills such as such as Web Development, User Experience Design, Data Science or Digital Marketing are a requirement in today’s fast-paced world of digital innovation. Talal Al-Ajeel, Founding Director at Erada Business Incubator commented “Erada is leading the way in developing entrepreneurship in Kuwait and this latest partnership is just one of many in our journey of digital excellence.”

Omar Lababedi and Howard Kingston, the founders of GVA and successful serial entrepreneurs, jointly said, “We want Growth Velocity Academy to go beyond simply providing people in the region with the latest tech skills, we want to bridge the huge skill gap that exists between employers and employees.”

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