KUWAIT: Zain's Waleed Al-Khashti with Kuwaiti MMA professional competitor Ahmad Al-Busairi.

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced its support and sponsorship of Kuwaiti mixed martial arts (MMA) professional competitor Ahmad Al-Busairi. The national athlete recently raised the Kuwaiti flag high at international arenas by attaining two silver medals in two grappling adult open competitions held at Chicago and New York in the United States.

Zain is proud of Busairi's recent achievements, especially that they come during the unprecedented circumstances faced by the world sporting scene during the pandemic, where athletes face new challenges in representing their nations in major international competitions. Busairi was able to attain a number of prestigious titles during his tour in the US in spite of the many travel restrictions and limited number of available competitions, something that reflected his dedication and devotion to achieve success.

Busairi, who is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete, recently attained two silver medals in the Grappling Games and NAGA grappling adult open competitions held at Chicago and New York in the United States. Both competitions featured some of the best MMA professionals from around the world.

During the past years, Busairi attained a long list of accolades in some of the most prestigious of competitions, including the first-place title of ADCC National, first-place title of the United Arab Emirates International Pro Championship, first-place title of the Kuwait International Championship, second-place title of the Germany International Championship, and more.

Busairi is currently preparing to take part in a number of upcoming competitions as world sports gradually returns from stoppages imposed by the pandemic. Zain wishes Busairi all the best of luck in representing Kuwait and raising its flag high on the international scene. Zain's support to the Kuwaiti champion comes in line with the company's Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategy towards supporting Kuwaiti sports and athletes in various sports, including mixed martial arts.

Zain's role not only concentrates on economic and business activities, but also extends to contribute significantly to various areas within the Kuwaiti society, including sports. The company has endless confidence in the competencies of Kuwaiti athletes and their capabilities in excelling in different fields, on both regional and international levels.