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Zain staff contribute to blood donation efforts

Kuwait: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, recently held an internal blood drive campaign for its employees. The campaign was held at the company’s main headquarters in Shuwaikh in continuation of Zain’s strategic partnership with the Central Blood Bank of Kuwait.

Zain regularly organizes this initiative in line with its Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategy towards the health sector. The company actively partners with major health organizations in the country, including the Central Blood Bank and Ministry of Health, to affirm its contribution to the local health sector. The campaign aims at encouraging Zain employees to donate blood and save the lives of those who are in most need of blood transfusion.

As always, Zain’s blood drive campaign witnessed immense positive participation from employees who continued to donate blood throughout an entire day with the presence of the Central Blood Bank’s medical staff. Zain strives to contribute to the community through its numerous corporate social responsibility initiatives and is pleased with the success this particular activity achieved.

The company is keen to organize internal blood drive campaigns for employees in collaboration with the Central Blood Bank to encourage employees to donate blood and save lives, further reinforcing the company’s productive role in social and health activities, especially those that contribute with saving people that are in urgent need of blood like people with rare blood types.

Zain’s solid Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategy primarily focuses on the wellbeing of the entire nation. For this reason, the company has maintained its support of numerous initiatives that spread awareness and help make a difference to people’s everyday lives.

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