To offer the most advanced cloud solutions and data center services

KUWAIT: Zain and Al-Qabas officials in a group photo after signing the agreement

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced signing a strategic partnership agreement with Dar Al-Qabas Press Printing, Publishing, and Distribution Company to offer the most advanced cloud solutions and data center services. The agreement aims at driving Al-Qabas newspaper's digital transformation efforts.

Zain hosted the agreement signing ceremony at the Zain Innovation Center (ZINC) in the company's main headquarters in Shuwaikh. The ceremony witnessed the attendance of Zain Kuwait's Chief Enterprise Business Officer Hamad Al-Marzouq, Al-Qabas Managing Director Naser Al-Momen, as well as top executives from both companies.

As part of the agreement, Zain will be offering a number of innovative cloud solutions to revamp Al-Qabas' integrated digital infrastructure. The solutions include Zain Business Data Center (ZBDC) services, such as data storage and industry-leading security and connectivity when hosting digital assets in the MENA region. The agreement also includes network cabling and management services, connectivity, CCTV, service management, and much more.

During the signing ceremony, Zain Kuwait's Chief Enterprise Business Officer Hamad Al-Marzouq said: "this is a first step for collaboration between Zain and Al-Qabas, and we always encourage and support digital transformation projects in Kuwait. We are partners with Al-Qabas in their transformation journey, and we completely support their efforts. Providing cloud solutions is only the first step, as we will move on to 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain applications in the future".

Marzouq added: "the reason for this collaboration between Zain and Al-Qabas is to support their transformation journey from paper to digital, a journey that they are considered leaders in across the Middle East region. We are extremely proud of these efforts, especially that Al-Qabas is a leading media organization locally and regionally in this area".

Commenting on information security and cybersecurity, Marzouq said: "this has become a key priority for the entire world today, and we at Zain offer the most advanced cybersecurity solutions as per the highest international standards. Kuwait has put forward a plan for cybersecurity, and we are steadily following suit. We are proud to partner with Al-Qabas to use our extensive experience in this area to protect their data."

Regarding the expected outcomes of this partnership, Marzouq said: "we have a plethora of similar successful partnerships with government entities and private sector companies. This partnership will surely be fruitful in producing new levels throughout the next five years, and we look forward to seeing an all-new Al-Qabas, hand in hand with Zain."

Al-Qabas Managing Director Naser Al-Momen said: "this agreement embodies Al-Qabas' keenness on further driving our digital transformation journey. Our partnership with Zain - a leader in Internet and telecommunications services - is longstanding and strategic. The agreement also reflects Al-Qabas management's keenness on keeping up with the worldwide tech evolution. This is especially true with the launch of 'Al-Qabas Premium' app and our Al-Qabas Online website, in addition to our social media accounts."

Momen continued: "Al-Qabas aspires to offer a faster and more professional experience when it comes to loading huge amounts of our information and video clips, especially with 'Al-Qabas Premium' and Al-Qabas Online."

Momen added: "we aim to further develop our internal networks and systems, and what pushed us to take on this project more than anything else is the huge amount of data of 'Al-Qabas Premium', such as articles, photos, PDFs, and videos. We were keen on increasing our cloud storage, as well as have the best tools for system maintenance, speed, and storage efficiency. This agreement will surely support us in being the best in the future".

Momen explained: "focusing on digital media is of great importance to the board of directors and the executive management. The e-paper's efficiency in the website and app so far is what made us even more keen on developing the tech aspect of our services".

Momen concluded: "today's signing with Zain will surely accelerate and improve the 'Al-Qabas Premium' experience, making it easier and better for our subscribers, while also supporting its spread regionally and internationally as per our set plan. 'Al-Qabas Premium' is more than just online archives, as it will expand to have more rich content in the future, and its recent expansion across the Arab world is a great example on its success".

Zain recently received the M&O (Management and Operation) Data Center Certification by Uptime Institute - the IT industry's most trusted and adopted global standard for the proper design, build and operation of data centers, making it the first telecom operator in Kuwait and the third in the region to receive this prestigious certification.

Zain's certification by one of the world's leading advisory organizations comes to demonstrate the company's leadership and commitment in adopting the highest international standards for its data center, which ultimately reflects on the quality and efficiency of its services targeted at the Enterprise Segment within the Kuwaiti market.