Zain offers wide range of digital and cloud solutions to corporate customers

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced the offering of a wide range of digital and cloud solutions to corporate customers, allowing them to increase operational efficiency and empower remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic over Zain’s superfast and nationwide network.

Zain offers these solutions as part of its national commitment towards the nation during this crisis, through which the company reflects its role as a leading Kuwaiti private sector organization by making its tech capabilities available. The company is keen on offering the most advanced services and solutions as per the highest international standards to facilitate the continuous operation of government entities and companies of all sizes, while serving their unique needs during the current situation, all while empowering them into digital transformation.

The services and solutions Zain offers include @Lasilki, a world-class Push-to-talk (PTT) service that enables corporate customers, SMEs, and public sector entities to reliably and securely communicate with their employees, volunteers, or others, whether individuals or large groups. The service is compatible with Zain’s nationwide LTE 4G network for solid and fast communication over long distances. @Lasilki features a wide range of advanced devices that allows each organization to choose the device that best suits their needs. The service also comes with the dispatcher management application in the control room and more features to guarantee the highest operational efficiency.

Zain also offers Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) and Fleet Management services, which allow corporate customers who own fleets of vehicles for e-commerce or other purposes to track their vehicles over an M2M (Machine-to-Machine) platform. By installing smart devices on their vehicles, business owners are able to smartly manage their fleets and gain actionable data and detailed insights, enabling them to reduce fleet-related costs, as well as optimize delivery and maintenance procedures.

Additionally, Zain offers Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS and HCS+) that feature a wide range of contact center and customer service solutions, allowing corporate customers to build and operate their own integrated contact centers capable of operating remotely and from home. This contributes to increasing customer satisfaction levels and ensuring fast and reliable customer service during the crisis. Zain HCS and HCS+ solutions include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recordings, advanced call queues, and much more. The solutions support eight different languages to facilitate communication with all customers.

Zain strongly believes in the crucial role played by private sector organizations in supporting social and economic sustainability projects, especially during crises. Springing from its growing commitment towards practicing its social responsibility, the company is committed to printing a positive print through all its activities. This has led Zain to embrace the most crucial issues in the community, including the support of the country’s entities by making its tech capabilities available.

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