Zain offers latest parental control tools to protect children online

Kuwait: Zain recently celebrated International Children’s Day by announcing a new partnership with Kaspersky® Safe Kids to offer 3 months FREE when subscribing to the service from the Zain app. Kaspersky® Safe Kids brings the latest parental control tools to protect children online via a bundle of unique features that allow parents to monitor and control their kids’ online usage on their smart devices to shield them from harmful and inappropriate content.

This step stems from Zain’s tireless efforts to bring a safe and secure online experience for everyone, especially children, who continuously face the danger of being exposed to harmful and inappropriate content online. With this service, parents can enjoy peace of mind by having the ability to easily monitor and control their children’s digital experience at any time and place.

Kaspersky® Safe Kids offers three main safeguards: monitoring and regulating children’s online activities, limiting screen time, and setting boundaries to protect them from harmful content and interactions. The service is available via two dedicated apps, one for parents and another for children, and both apps fully support English and Arabic interfaces. The apps are available on all popular operating systems for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The service’s top features include a precise and real-time child locator on the map, device use controls, application controls, online content filtering, calls and SMS monitoring, battery level tracker, screen time management, safe search in YouTube, and much more. Parents can easily control all these tools and more as they see fit.

Parental control apps and solutions have become increasingly necessary in today’s digital age due to the growing prevalence of internet connected devices and online platforms that expose children to potential risks such as cyberbullying, online predators, and explicit content. The COVID-19 pandemic has also led to increased remote learning and screen time, making parental control apps even more important for maintaining healthy technology habits and safeguarding children from online risks.

As parents cannot always be physically present to supervise their children’s internet use, parental control apps provide an important layer of protection and guidance to help children navigate the digital world safely and responsibly. For this, Zain was keen on partnering with Kaspersky, one of the world’s biggest and most renowned cybersecurity companies.

Zain continues to stay ahead of the digital curve, offering the latest innovative technologies and services to customers. Representing Kuwait’s biggest family of subscribers, the company is always committed to meeting customer expectations and serving their aspirations to provide the best and safest digital lifestyle experience.

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