Zain launches Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology


KUWAIT: Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, yesterday announced the launch of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology in Kuwait on its advanced LTE-A network, offering customers an unprecedented experience with the latest technology in the telecommunications industry. The launch of VoLTE came after Zain had completed extensive research to test the readiness of its network and its operational and technical ability to take on the most updated technologies for unmatchable communications services nationwide.

The company, who serves the largest family of subscribers in Kuwait, stated that VoLTE services bring customers a number of significant improvements. The service enhances overall customer experience without interrupting their LTE-A Internet experience. Zain’s existing LTE-A network coverage and voice calls on the network will allow customers to feel the difference with the deployment of the newest enhancement. Connection times will be significantly shorter which will come to complement and improve customers’ experience.

Customers making connections on the LTE-A network while on a phone call will be able to do so in a smooth manner without having any conflicts in lag time or the existing phone call. The VoLTE advancement technology offers users the chance to perform a clear phone call while surfing the internet in full speed capacity.

VoLTE is currently fully compatible with the following devices: iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone SE, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 Edge.

It is worth noting that Zain was the first telecommunications company to have launched the 4G LTE service in Kuwait in late 2012, in addition to successfully testing the Middle East’s first 4.5G mobile broadband technology on its advanced network, reaching high-speeds of 1 gigabyte per second (1 Gbps). The company will continue designing and introducing latest technological advancements that will furthermore enhance customers’ overall experience on its network wherever they maybe. Zain embraces two major elements, namely, “Innovations” and “Excellence” so that customers will experience a clearer voice call and a faster internet speed.

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