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Zain joins AQARAT initiative to support owners of damaged buildings in Souq Al-Mubarakiya

KUWAIT: Zain on Wednesday announced it will contribute to the national initiative through which an invitation was extended to the owners of damaged stores in the huge fire that recently engulfed the historic Souq Al-Mubarakiya to sell their products and conduct business in Souq Al Kuwait and Souq Al Kabeer.

Zain will cover the rental value for the remaining six months period as part of the invitation extended by the Kuwait Real Estate Company (AQARAT) to the owners of the damaged buildings to operate their businesses at Souq Al-Kuwait and Souq Al-Kabeer for one year with a grace period of up to six months at no extra cost.

Zain believes private sector companies have a national duty and responsibility to tackle social threats, as such steps reflect a company’s involvement in sustainable development efforts, where the private sector has the capacity and economic mindset to take part in protecting the community. The Kuwait Real Estate Company (AQARAT) expressed its pleasure in Zain’s participation in its initiative to support the owners of damaged buildings in the recent Souq Al-Mubarakiya fire.

Zain is no stranger to taking part in such initiatives and contributions, as it has always worked throughout the years to enrich the principles of social responsibility. This initiative represents a leap forward in the concept of social responsibility in Kuwait, taking it to new levels. The initiative serves all segments of the community, from business owners to workers and staff, as well as visitors of the historic Souq Al-Mubarakiya.

This joint social effort sheds light on the importance of partnership between private sector companies in face of social challenges. Such collaborations aim at achieving socioeconomic balance and represent the natural extension of their vital role within the community. Zain’s participation in this initiative stems from its full commitment in its social responsibility, as the company is keen on strengthening the spirit of national bond and building a social safety net that provides security for businesses during crises and threats.

Private sector companies have a responsibility embodied in enhancing social and economic sustainability by being involved in such contributions and providing social security to those who are affected by crises and disasters. Zain’s efforts are always driven by national interest, extending its hand to support those who are in need.

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