Zain holds week-long initiative to promote sustainability strategy

Featured seminars, workshops, documentary screenings and visits to natural reserves

KUWAIT: Zain, Kuwait’s leading digital service provider, announced the successful conclusion of Sustainability Week, a week-long internal awareness initiative that targeted employees and featured a wide range of interactive programs aimed at promoting the company’s sustainability strategy.  Zain is committed to building a comprehensive program that adapts the company’s operational processes to align with its sustainable development goals.

The company has made addressing climate change one of the four pillars of its corporate sustainability strategy and is dedicated to reducing its overall energy consumption and emissions across its entire value chain, enhancing the environmental performance of its workplaces, and promoting environmental care. Sustainability Week targeted Zain employees across the company’s departments and aimed at promoting the principles of its sustainability strategy.

The initiative featured various interactive programs and activities that ran for a week, including extensive seminars, discussion panels, workshops, documentary film screenings, and field visits to parks and natural reserves. The programs featured participation from both employees and executive management teams.

The initiative kicked off with a welcoming session by CEO Eaman Al-Roudhan, where she discussed and outlined the company’s strategic plans to achieve sustainable development goals, as well as the most crucial steps taken to achieve such goals. The week-long program also featured workshops, interactive sessions, field visits to Al-Abdali and Al-Jahra natural reserves, and a visit to Al-Shagaya Solar Farm.

Sustainability Week aimed at promoting key sustainability pillars and increase employee awareness to shed more light on the role every employee plays in achieving the company’s sustainable development goals. The initiative gave employees an opportunity to learn more about sustainability as a concept as well as to participate in activities with their colleagues outside of the office environment.

Zain has established short and medium-term targets to lower its entire carbon footprint and aims to achieve net zero by 2050 to minimize its negative environmental effects. The company continues to conduct extensive research on cutting-edge technologies such as 5.5G, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy to reduce the ICT infrastructure’s carbon footprint.


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