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Zain Great Idea’s journey reaches 2nd destination at LEAP in Riyadh

KUWAIT: Zain, Kuwait’s leading digital service provider, announced ten Kuwait-based tech startups that have been selected to join its upcoming visit to the LEAP Tech Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This is the second destination of the Regional Accelerator Program (part of the 7th Zain Great Idea tech startup accelerator program), which aims to give local startups invaluable experiences at one of the world’s top tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship events.

The 10 Kuwait-based startups are Octopus AI: an AI-based digital CRM platform, Baims: a digital e-learning platform, BNCHR+: a car service and roadside assistance app, Bookr: a cloud-based software and POS platform for the beauty industry, Ghahseel: an app for on-demand car wash and vehicle care services, Li3ib: a platform for booking sports venues, Looksie: an online social marketplace for everything handmade, RUBA: a one-stop shop for all educational financing needs, RZQ: a platform for on-demand deliveries, and Spedia: a digital e-learning platform.

The founders of these startups will take part in ZGI 7’s second Regional Accelerator Program, which will run for four days in Riyadh during the second edition of LEAP, the global tech conference that is set to gather over 100,000 tech innovators and leading experts from around the world to discover new ideas, build new partnerships, and connect with inspiring mentors and investors to build a positive future.

Zain saw the need and ambition of Kuwait-based startups to expand into the MENA region, and it has selected this global event for its program’s second destination due to the Saudi market being one of the biggest and most vital of the region’s markets. Saudi Arabia also presents a unique quality, sharing close geographical proximity, culture, demographics, and target audience with Kuwait. This brings a great opportunity for ZGI participants to learn from the vast number of workshops, conferences, and shared experiences in LEAP, paving the way for them to prepare their regional expansion plans, starting with the Saudi market.

Last year, Zain held Super Saturday, an event where ZGI participants presented their startups and outlined their strategic roadmaps to the judges panel that consisted of innovation and entrepreneurship experts, representatives of venture capital firms, investors, and startup accelerators. The panel carefully evaluated all entries and selected 30 startups to take part in the Regional Accelerator Program. Ten startups joined the first destination in Dubai, and now ten more startups are set to join the second destination in Riyadh.

The 10 startups:

Octopus AI

Octopus AI is a smart digital platform that gathers customer chats from social media and WhatsApp into one place. As a leading social media CRM software, it helps brands create customers for life, and helps businesses track their customers using its AI-powered platform while offering them advanced self-service tools like bots, virtual ITRs, navigators, and so much more.


Baims is an online platform that offers recorded courses tailored for university students in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, and Turkey. Baims digitizes the offline tutoring experience by allowing students to learn at their own pace with video lectures, notes, live sessions, and quizzes that can be accessed on the web and a mobile app.


BNCHR+ provides a wide range of fast and efficient car services at the customer’s location. Whenever in need, customers can quickly request roadside assistance with a few clicks and track the service provider in real time.


Bookr offers a full suite of cloud-based software and POS tools for appointment-based SMEs specializing in the beauty industry. The platform offers a hassle-free process to book appointments at the customer’s fingertips. Bookr processes hundreds of bookings every month, with offices in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and aims to expand to the rest of the MENA region.


Ghahseel allows users to easily order on-demand car wash requests at their preferred time and location. It is the first app for car wash services in Kuwait and has expanded to Saudi Arabia to serve its wide customer base in more places. With Ghaseel, users can order a car wash, tire replacement, glass tint, and so much more at home, work or any preferred location from one of the app’s certified service providers.


Li3ib is a simple way to book the sport that you want to play, whether football, padel, tennis, or biking. Discover new venues to play at or book your favorite field without the hassle of calling. Join the sports community and find out about tournaments and leagues near you that you can compete in and win.


Looksie is an online social marketplace for buying and selling everything unique and handmade in the Middle East. It is a space for passionate people who love creativity, whether buying it, selling it, or just being involved with it. Looksie empowers designers, craftsmen, and artisans with the support and tools they require to turn their hobbies into thriving businesses.


Ruba is a one-stop shop for all your educational financing needs in the MENA region. The platform offers an easy installments plan for schooling fees with zero additional costs. Parents can now manage their money easily by paying their children’s schooling fees monthly, and educational institutions get access to capital upfront. Ruba partners with private nurseries, K-12 schools, universities and other academic providers in the region.


RZQ is a platform that connects customers with the nearest drivers on the map to help with all their needs, whether for pick-ups, deliveries, errands, or anything in between. Independent couriers bid the delivery price and the customer has the freedom to choose the most attractive offer in terms of price, distance and rating. Business owners can also create their own shops on RZQ for easier management of their deliveries.


Spedia is a leading online education platform that develops cognitive skills with simple and easy-to-follow methods, targeting students from kindergarten to high schools. Spedia covers the most essential topics from the local curriculum via recorded videos, live classes, and more.


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