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Zain celebrates Kuwait’s top graduates

KUWAIT: Zain’s Eaman Al-Roudhan and Waleed Al-Khashti with a group of the honored students.

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, hosted a special ceremony to recognize the outstanding achievements of Kuwait’s top high school graduates. The ceremony was held at Zain’s main headquarters in Shuwaikh under strict health precautions, and witnessed the presence of the students’ parents and the company’s Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al-Roudhan.

At the end of every academic year, Zain holds a special ceremony to honor and recognize Kuwait’s top-performing students who excelled in their high school journey. Last year, the company was only able to celebrate this occasion virtually due to lockdowns and school closures imposed by the pandemic.

The recent improvement in the health situation and the gradual return to normal life boosted by the national vaccination campaign have encouraged Zain to hold a physical ceremony once again this year under strict health measures. The company hosted two groups of students and their parents on two different time slots: one for Kuwait’s top graduates and the other for top graduates among Kuwaitis. This approach has guaranteed implementing social distancing and avoiding crowding.

Addressing the students, Zain Kuwait CEO Eaman Al-Roudhan said: “I am delighted and happy to welcome you today at Zain’s Wonderful World to recognize your amazing achievements. Congratulations on a job well done, and God bless you”.

Roudhan continued: “Before addressing our remarkable guests of honor, I would like to share a word with their esteemed parents: with success comes an immense sense of joy, and what makes this sensation even more joyful is the fact that your very own children are the ones who have achieved it. You must be very proud, and this surely is only the first step in a road full of success and joy”.

Roudhan added: “Your achievement this year should be met with doubled appreciation. I am sure that, with the change from a traditional school system into a virtual one in such a short period of time, studying for final exams was not an easy feat. This is especially true given the stressful and unusual times we all went through in the past period. However, this has been a good opportunity to prepare you for the future. Rapid change is the new normal, and adaptability to change in all its shapes and forms is an important factor for achieving success in one’s career and life in general”.

Roudhan stressed: “Today you face the final challenge, which is college life. Higher education differs from previous grades in that it features a very important aspect: passion. Your college education will center around your passion in life, and will pave the way in front of you to make long-term friendships, learn more about yourselves, and ultimately serve your nation and your community”. Roudhan noted: “Nowadays, the variables of success not only depend on academic excellence, but exceed that into developing oneself, adapting to change, and achieving happiness”.

Roudhan concluded: “At Zain, we strongly believe that education is the cornerstone of the country’s future, and we take pride in the fact that we offer our employees equal chances to achieve gender equality and inclusiveness in the workplace. We also adopt passionate and competent graduates to reinforce our human resources”.

As a leading national company, Zain firmly believes in the importance of contributing to the progress of the education sector, and looks to empower and prepare the youth for the important roles they will play in the future of the country. Zain is fully committed to supporting young people in their development through a wide variety of community activities and programs, including award programs, educational programs, and career development initiatives. The company’s solid CSSR strategy is what drives it to continue being committed to support all sectors of society.


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