yiaco-apolloKUWAIT: In line with YIACO Medical Company's new strategic direction, the healthcare leader recently inaugurated its latest new scale model pharmacy featuring a brand new look and expanded pharmacy care services with an aim to enhance the retail experience of its customers. The newly opened YIACO pharmacy is located in Arabia Mall in the Eqaila district.

"We are thrilled to have this opportunity to introduce our integrated pharmacy services and healthcare expertise to our customers across Kuwait," commented Dr Bader Alzaid Altaraji, CEO of YIACO Medical Company.

"The way our customers engage with YIACO continues to evolve and as part of our strategic plan, we continue to listen and respond to their needs. Our efforts to innovate our pharmacy care services by going beyond the traditional pharmacy experience offer our customers with expanded wellness options and increased access to healthcare" commented Dr. Mohammed Barham, COO of YIACO Medical Company.

Dr Mahdi Mashharawi, Retail Pharmacies Manager, explained that the new YIACO pharmacy also includes a wellness and education corner that will also allow customers to seek advice and receive more educational insight from highly qualified pharmacists. Designed by an award winning international design agency, the new look adopts new design shelving and retail displays which ensures a seamless and easy to navigate flow cycle for customers encouraging visits which promote precaution and wellness in a much warmer and friendly environment.

Over the past 60 years, YIACO Medical Co. has grown to be one of the largest healthcare networks in Kuwait, and caters both medical products & services to the private and public sectors. One of YIACO's greatest milestones since 1953 is having one of the largest pharmacy chain in Kuwait.