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Workers deported for throwing waste on public property

KUWAIT: Supervision teams at Hawally governorate municipality has conducted a field campaign in residential areas of construction and renovation workers to inspect whether they adhere to the rules and regulations with regard to the general cleanliness and hygiene in the governorate.

Ahmad Al-Manfouhi

According to KUNA, the municipality said that the General Director of the Municipality Ahmad Al-Manfouhi has taken strict legal actions against construction workers who had been caught throwing waste on public property in Sadeeq area before deporting them from the country.

“The campaign aims to raise the level of public hygiene and reduce negative phenomena and everything that distorts the profile of the country,” the municipality announced.

The officials inspected safety regulations and checked if a bin for construction waste has been placed near buildings. The inspection comes as part of the recent municipal campaign “Our country deserves it”, which resulted in nabbing construction workers who violated the sanctity of public spaces by throwing construction waste in Sadeeq area. A violation charge has been issued against them.

The municipality reminded plot owners and contractors of the importance of adhering to the rules put in place by the municipality which have been enforced to ensure the safety of both construction workers and pedestrians on sites as well as to avoid violations. The municipality launched the campaign in the beginning of March for a period of three months, in order to raise the level of hygiene in all governorates of the country.

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