Woman assaulted; Driver beaten

KUWAIT: A disabled woman told police that a harasser attacked her while she was walking with her friend in Egailah. In her statement to police, the Kuwaiti woman said that a man started harassing her friend, so she tried to stop him, but he would not stop and went even further with his action. A dispute escalated, then he assaulted her physically and verbally while claiming to be a detective, according to her statements. The victim went to hospital after suffering a seizure and bruises, then took a medical report to Riqqa police station and lodged a complaint, as detectives began investigating.

KD 5,000 missing
An adolescent forgot KD 5,000 in cash on top of water cooler in Sabah Al-Salem, then when he returned to get the money, he did not find it, according to his statement. The boy’s uncle went to Sabah Al-Salem police and explained that he went to his brother’s house after midnight, and gave his 14-year-old nephew KD 5,000 to give to his father, then 15 minutes later, his brother told him the money went missing, so he went back to his brother’s house and asked his nephew about what happened. The boy said that he was talking over the phone and placed the money on top of the cooler, then when the call ended, he went into the house and forgot the money, only to remember it minutes later. Then when he went back to collect the money, it was not there, he said, adding that he did not see anyone around.

Driver beaten
A driver beat another following a traffic accident in Riqqa. When both drivers got out of their cars to check the damage following the accident, the Egyptian man was assaulted physically and verbally by the other driver who left the scene afterwards, the victim told local police. Police used the license plate number of the attacker’s car, provided to them by the victim, to identify and summon him for questioning.

Compressor stolen
A thief removed the central air conditioning compressor from the building where he lives, leaving his family and neighbors suffering from the heat. Residents were surprised when the air conditioning system stopped working in several apartments, so maintenance men were called in and they discovered that the compressor was missing. A resident in a neighboring building said that he saw the suspect leaving the building. A complaint was made, and investigations later led to the suspect who was later arrested.

Unlicensed firearm
A European man of Arab origins was sent to criminal investigations department over possession of an unlicensed firearm upon his arrival at Abdali border outlet. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai and Al-Anba

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