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WHO taking measures to spread awareness, counter misinformation

KUWAIT: WHO is following up the number of cases in the region and the misinformation spread over various means of communication and the media that strikes panic, Director of the World Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (WHO EMRO) Dr Ahmad Al-Mandhari said. Procedures are divided into three levels – the first depends on WHO’s recommendations, second on Kuwait’s specific techniques and the third on WHO’s additional measures. Awareness in Kuwait targets all age groups in society, in addition to publishing these instructions in all outlets of the country.

WHO relies on the media and health workers on the frontlines to provide accurate information and report to the Ministry of Health (MoH), he noted. The media plays a pivotal role in assisting WHO’s efforts and the concerned authorities in every country to contain this outbreak and manage it correctly. In the context of containing the spread, there are three main priorities – protecting health workers, protecting the most vulnerable especially the elderly and individuals suffering from chronic diseases, and protecting the most at-risk countries.

WHO launched weeks ago the regional preparedness and response plan aiming to expand the scope of alertness to prevent expanding COVID-19 and its early detection, Mandhari pointed out. He underscored the significance of transparent communication with specialists of WHO in terms of numbers and other details, as well as exchanging this information in a timely manner. Kuwait’s MoH cooperates with WHO in full transparency in order to protect citizens and residents.

Meanwhile, Mandhari inspected yesterday the Jaber Hospital as part of inspection of the national measures against coronavirus. Mandhari said that his tour of the hospital was intended to check on patients infected with the virus and examine health precautions in this respect. He lauded the high-level precautions that have been taken by Kuwait in dealing with the epidemic outbreak. In the last 24 hours, MoH reported no COVID-19 cases in Kuwait. – KUNA

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