Dr. Khalid Al-Saleh
By Dr Khalid Al-Saleh

journey between strength and weakness is similar to the human being's life cycle. It starts by relying on others, then comes the strength stage, followed by weakness, then life is over, to be reborn somewhere else. Nations have a similar cycle too. Nations that are strong today were weak in a previous era, while nations that were strong in the past are suffering from weakness and backwardness today. This is the life cycle the human being does not realize because it is much longer than the human being's age.

This has been time's journey since the old days, but there are attempts today to halt this journey - the journey of history. Today, those among the "educated" who believe in Western theory attempt to stamp human history with liberal democracy, as the Japanese American Francis Fukuyama wrote in his famous column about the end of history in 1989 to expose repeated attempts by Western scientists to stop the wheel of history and preserve Western democratic principles. Not only this, but also the expansion of these values to cover the world and remain above the turn of time.

Away from philosophers and theorists, Western military and politicians seem to be happy with these "educated" people, who gave them the green light to control the world's nations and people. Politicians know that the sources of raw materials of the world are limited and will vanish. They also know that what they cultivate and manufacture need markets that are larger than theirs. They know that they need followers, as masters need supporters and followers. Western politicians know that to remain on the summit requires them to push others downhill. They believe life is hard and there is no place for other values and for the weak in it.

When Western-educated people gave politicians and military people a certificate of forgiveness, the world began to boil. When they do not find an enemy, they will create one to keep up the struggle and impose power. If someone wants to bring back the movement of time to its natural state, they condemn him to death. If a ruler wants to use his raw materials to develop his country, they destroy and defame him.

We, in our countries for example, can sell oil at market prices, and buy with that money all that we desire from industries in the West and East. We can live in luxurious houses, bigger than those Americans live in, yet we cannot use this money to advance our development. Although we are a small country, the model that may result worries the world's decision makers, so what about major countries?!

This is what our educated people sought for the past 50 years, that we must consume our oil only for our luxury, and who dares to do otherwise must bear all the risks that may hit him. If the end of history theory succeeds, and Western politicians and military succeed in their continuous wars, there will come a day in which the fast food culture will totally dominate the world. Cultures of various nations will disappear, and Western culture will be everywhere in the universe.

Despite the attempts of the Western world and those who support it, there will somewhere be other powers able to build a new civilization with a new culture that will make the wheel of time turn again. So the strong of today will become weak tomorrow, and the weak today will become strong tomorrow. This is the wheel of time, which is stronger than people's hands.