Information Minister, State Minister for Youth Affairs and Chairman of the Higher Tourism Committee Sheikh Salman Al-Humoud Al-Sabah made a good statement recently, in which he said there is an intention to establish a specialized authority for tourism in Kuwait. The decision comes out from the future vision to make tourism one of Kuwait's sources of income, the minister said. The step is being taken after the tourism sector returned from commerce ministry to the information ministry.

Under the current laws that regulate entry to and exit of Kuwait as well as the problems that those 'forced' to come to the country face, these news might sound laughable. But Allah may change the situation to the better, which is what we hope. However, that requires showing total seriousness to realize those wishes, as well as serious intentions and effort to eradicate all factors that deter people from visiting and living in Kuwait.

What is important in the issue of tourism in Kuwait, and before talking about easing procedures or consulting experts, is that we must decide what kind of identity is required for tourism in the country.

My column today is not to repeat what I wrote in the past, but to draw the attention to the fact that we in Kuwait will soon receive two cultural centers that will be a precedence in the region and the world in terms of design, content and capacity.

First is the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad cultural center, with its magnificent design, distinguished material used and lightings. It includes an opera house, multiple theaters of various sizes, all fully equipped, and a large library. It will be able to receive thousands of visitors daily, as parking lots and landscapes are made, connecting all buildings together.

Second is the Abdallah Al-Salem cultural center, which is considered the largest museum in the world to be built in one stage. It is made of various types of museums, including the historic, scientific, Islamic museums in addition to a huge aquarium for marine life of all shapes, types and sizes. It also has a capacity for thousands of visitors.

These types of large and distinguished cultural projects makes it necessary to use them to attract visitors from all parts of the region and the world. This type of cultural work and arts has its lovers and followers, including people who might look forward to come to Kuwait to enjoy it.

Let us decide the identity of tourism in Kuwait as cultural tourism, by strengthening all available fields in this regard, which is something that was not thought of so far. This of course requires getting ready to receive thousands of visitors who come from all over the world by easing procedures of entry and visit, provide suitable hotels, comfortable and enough transport. And let our youth manage this authority wwhile seeking the help of foreign and local expertise.

A beautiful future is waiting for this country, as long as we remain serious towards this future, and how to transform dreams into reality, because it is very easy, more than we think. We need a decision and seriousness in execution, nothing more, nothing less. - Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Iqbal Al-Ahmad