Sana Kalim
Nowadays, Kuwait appears to be very empty - where is everybody?! Kuwait airport has reported an increased travel rate of over 100 percent! Doesn't anyone want to stay here? Sure there are some good reasons for this exodus - Kuwait recorded an all-time temperature high last Thursday. The hottest temperature ever recorded, according to the world meteorological center, is a whopping 54 degrees of scorching heat in Mitribah. This reading was taking during the unending heat wave that continues to make the Middle East swelter.

So temperatures are an obvious reason. A quarter of our population is under 14, so school summer holiday fun is also a major reason why many flee the country, as the opportunity is finally here!

Moreover, entire families are leaving as well to accompany their children. Many expats here have left too. Seventy percent of the population is made up of expats - and many of them want to break free from whatever's restricting them and visit their homelands. This is the main reason for this article - the feeling of returning home is so immense after being saturated with loneliness here.

Even if Kuwait is welcoming, nothing can replace the rush of love that replaces all the sadness when finally seeing your loved ones. Through the many calls over Viber and WhatsApp, and as each day passes, the need to see your family weighs harder and harder. And the difficulty that they face creates an overwhelming sense of isolation. Now these fairies are finally free!

It has been a difficult year for everyone, and I would like to wish everyone a wonderful summer - a well-deserved summer. Good job, everyone!

By Sana Kalim