Wanted criminal arrested in Ahmadi after chase

KUWAIT: An unemployed citizen in his 30s was arrested following a chase in Ahmadi. The suspect robbed his victims using stolen cars, or by colliding with other cars in order to steal them. He also had 11 weapons and ammunition. The suspect was identified following investigations and was put under surveillance. He was located in Dhaher, but when security men moved in, he attempted to escape, jumping across the roofs of four houses before being caught. He had eight shotguns, three AK-47s and ammunition.

Family rescued Mangaf firemen rescued a Syrian family trapped in an elevator. Firemen lowered the elevator manually and got the family out unharmed.

Liquor trader arrested DCGD officers arrested a suspect for trading in liquor and found 180 cases of imported liquor of various types, besides 22 cases of beer. He said he deals with two Syrians who deliver the bottles to customers. —Al-Rai

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