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Abdullah Buwair
Abdullah Buwair

Despite being fully involved and busy writing some books including my most recent one about the speeches of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, what I have been hearing recently made me write the following few lines. I wonder where or how to start to reflect on the current situation in our beloved country. As citizens, we are currently living as strangers in our own country and we have said this many times.

However, thanks to visa traders who only care about making more money with Kuwait at the bottom of their list of concerns, situations are getting worse. We all know that strangers must behave, which is fully applied in all countries except here in Kuwait, and the stories we occasionally hear prove this. An expat impersonates as a police officer and shows off on Whatsapp.

In another incident, an Asian turns into a street fighter and assaults an official and one of the guards assigned to him by the Ministry of Interior. A third sells military insignia and uniforms. Others get caught trying to smuggle huge amounts of hashish into our country.

According to a doctor I know, very dangerous chemical drugs are being currently used by youth, making them unable to control their actions or reactions. An Asian also specialized in abortion, and all of a sudden, turned into a gynecologist. Most areas are overcrowded with expats and it is hard for citizens to enter some of them.

Our country is overpopulated with over millions of people, vehicles, trucks, bikes and thousands of pedestrians. Many people got angry when the Ministry of Health imposed a KD 50 annual health insurance fee on expats. I myself have seen plastic bags filled with medicines expat sell afterwards, though they only pay KD 1 on visiting a clinic and KD 2 in hospitals.

By Abdullah Bowair

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