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‘Used tire cemetery’ disappears next year: Commerce Minister


KUWAIT: Minister of Commerce and Industry Yousif Al-Ali announced the beginning of an operation to resolve the problem of accumulated used tires and burial of waste in Rehayya, and promised that the ‘used tire cemetery’ will start to vanish by 2017.

Speaking while inspecting the area, Ali announced putting Cabinet decision 1403/2015 pertaining to the burial of waste and tires in Rehayya into practice almost after 10 years of its issuance. “The countdown has begun,” he said, noting that a comprehensive plan had been set to resolve the problem of used tires in the area, in addition to future landfills.

Ali explained that used tires would be shredded and moved to Salmi to recycle them according to standard environmental specifications by qualified factories, where special machines will shred 25 tons per hour. “This means getting rid of these tires in six months,” he said, pointing out that the companies qualified to execute the process will not cost state funds anything.

US foreign policies
Under the auspices and with the presence of the Supreme Planning and Development Council Chairman Khaled Mahdi, Kuwait Center for General Policies (KCGP) organized a talk titled ‘The Future of US Foreign Policies after the Presidential Election’ to discuss its possible impact on Kuwait and GCC states. The lecture was delivered by Erik Peterson; Managing Director of Global Business Policy Council (GBPC) and was attended by foreign diplomats in Kuwait. Mahdi stressed that KCGP plans to organize more talks in collaboration with international advisors to set well-planned general policies to serve Kuwait’s five year plans. Mahdi added that KCGP would act as a think-tank to help decision makers set general policies.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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