US close to age of time

By Dr Khalid Al-Saleh

The meeting that took place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between US President Joe Biden and leaders of some Middle Eastern countries in the middle of July revealed how far leaders of the US are from benefitting from the wisdom of history.

Ibn Khaldoun, the founder of social science, said that nations were like individuals: They grow and become strong then become weak. He showed that the last generation of any nation, which is the generation nations start going down with, is characterized by the inability to understand others, rather it sanctifies its culture and considers it (the end of history and last human), according to American Scientist Francis Fukuyama, sanctifies it and seeks to impose it on everyone.

As the end of the history of man is unknown, also it was not possible to determine its beginning, then the consideration of our presence as the end of change, and imposing the culture of a nation on the remnants of nations is something extremely dangerous and this is what Ibn Khaldoun warned against and considered as the last stage in the civilization age of any nation.

The control of the elite over the USA’s capabilities and their pressure on all in order to impose their values that are derived from their excess luxury, this pressure is one of the signs of the end for all previous civilizations, and it is not likely for any civilization to go through the dangers without falling in them.

The American Democratic Party that exchanges power in the US, was not satisfied with promoting its culture and values in its society, but it tries hard to take that culture to other nations. It is using the freedom and democracy it implements as weapons with which it confronts other nations, while at the same time ignores those values in its regime and those who are in orbit, as it is clear that it has a party double standard for evaluation according to its relations, and this what is referred to by sociologists as “predominance of interests.”

On the other hand, this party does not care about the values and ethics of the rest of civilizations, and its backup of homosexuals and its support for them out of its borders, and its desperate defense of nonmedical abortion and terminating life while inside the wombs, all that is considered a clear sign on the fall of countries.

When the right of luxury is a right for them only without consideration of the interest of others including the souls that are aborted inside the wombs without justification, then that civilization becomes a selfish negative energy that reflects the course of “Promotion”, so with it the descending process, continuous descending, that can be slow, but at the end the balance of power will change and civilization will move to another location.

In October 1998, the US house of representatives voted to start procedures to impeach the 42nd President of the US Bill Clinton for committing grave and misdemeanor crimes, and the accusation of Clinton, the democrat, is lying under oath. A large number of representatives spoke, and most their speeches revolved around keeping the civilization values that keeps the US in the leadership of the world.

Members of congress used the impeachment procedures to express fears towards the clash of values with the conditions of strength and the US losing its values, and then the start of descending from the throne of power. Where is the United States now from those speeches and instructions? It seems the past two decades witnessed changes in this power, that made the fears congress members spoke about then close to the age of time.


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