'Speaker says no parliamentary dissolution - for now'

Kuwait Cabinet

By Jamie Etheridge

KUWAIT: Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak has tendered the government's resignation to His Highness the Amir this morning. The resignation, which has not been officially accepted yet, was submitted by the premier to make way for "rearranging the cabinet work" Tareq Al-Mezrem, government spokesman said in a report carried by state news agency, Kuna.

The resignation follows the resignation on Tuesday of Jenan Boushari, Minister of Public Work and Minister of State for Housing, after a parliamentary grilling resulted in the filing of a no confidence motion supported by 10 lawmakers. Interior Minister Lt. Gen Sheikh Khaled Al Jarrah was grilled in an open session with a no confidence motion filed against him as well.

Meanwhile, rumors circulating around Kuwait have suggested that a parliamentary dissolution might also be imminent. Several lawmakers and political groupings (political parties are illegal in Kuwait) have already begun prepping for potential campaigns should a dissolution happen.

heard suggestions that elections might be coming soon,” confirmed a local
political activist who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Addressing the rumors of a potential dissolution of parliament, Speaker Marzouq Al Ghanim said on Thursday that HH the Amir has no intention to dissolve the parliament for the time being. But there is a need to ‘rearrange’ the government team.

Some lawmakers have alleged that fractures and infighting within the government are a contributing factor to the current situation.


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