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Unusual heat wave hits Kuwait, Middle East

local3KUWAIT: Kuwait is currently being affected by an unusual heat wave and record high temperatures. During the past few days, temperatures in Kuwait City recorded between 47-49 degrees Celsius, while other monitoring stations recorded unusual temperatures between 50-52 degrees Celsius northwest of Kuwait. A heat wave has engulfed much of the Middle East, sending temperatures and humidity soaring throughout the region.

In the city of Basra in southern Iraq, the temperature reached 52 degrees Celsius for a week, and the government has given a four-day holiday to avoid heat damage. The Arabian Gulf region also recorded temperatures in the mid-40s in Dubai and Riyadh, in addition to a dust storm in Jordan, which wreaked havoc on Queen Alia International Airport, diverting planes and engulfing the facility with giant plumes of dust.

According to the British daily newspaper ‘The Guardian,’ experts say the high temperatures, which have come close to breaking regional records, are the result of a high atmospheric pressure ridge hovering above much of the Middle East that has persisted since July.

Meanwhile, meteorological expert Essa Ramadan said “There will be less humidity in the night and the weather will be dry and hot with northwesterly winds blowing starting from yesterday and will continue throughout the week.” Ramadan explained that the temperature in August is the highest at noon and advised people not to go out, but rather stay inside in air-conditioned places when temperatures are expected to be high.

By Faten Omar

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