Unlicensed TV channel

KUWAIT: High-ranking security sources said Kuwait has handed over Saudi national Sheikh Fayez bin Damkh, who was arrested over charges of launching an unlicensed TV channel from Kuwait under the name of Al-Jazeera Al-Arabiya. Bin Damkh was the channel’s chairman, and its equipment was confiscated when the authorities raided a villa in West Abdullah Al-Mubarak.

Oil leak in Abdaly
KOC announced a limited leak took place from one of its pipes in Abdaly. Security sources said the leak was immediately dealt with and had no effect on production levels.

Violation of article 108
While patrolling the area where dead fish were found in Kuwait Bay during Eid, EPA deputy director for technical affairs Mohammed Al-Enezi spotted and arrested a number of expats fishing in the bay in violation of article 108 of the environment law.

2 arrested for fighting
A citizen and a Syrian were arrested outside a high-end downtown restaurant for fighting, when the Syrian tried to calm down the citizen who shouting at his wife, said security sources. The sources explained that while dining, the citizen suddenly started yelling at his wife, calling her foul names, and her pleas failed to calm him down. The Syrian, also dining out with his family, intervened to calm the husband down, which shifted the husband’s shouting and cursing towards him, forcing the wife to leave the place. Thinking that the husband would assault her when he followed her outside, the Syrian followed them and a fight ensued. A case was filed.

Body of a newborn
The body of a newborn baby was found near a garbage dumpster in Nugra.

Suspect nabbed
A non-Kuwait wanted for bribing a public servant and possessing an unlicensed gun was arrested at a checkpoint in Jahra.

Unidentified robber
A Jordanian working for an automobile insurance company reported that an unidentified robber broke into his apartment and stole KD 320 in cash, in addition to some documents and civil IDs. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Drug suspect arrested
An Egyptian in his twenties was arrested with a cigarette packet filled with marijuana joints, said security sources, noting that while walking in Rai, the suspect got nervous on seeing a police patrol, threw away the cigarette packet and ran off. The suspect was chased and apprehended, and returning to the discarded packet, detectives found the marijuana. A case was filed.

Hit and run
An Egyptian in his seventies was seriously injured when he was run over by a speeding vehicle while crossing the road in a rush to attend Fajr prayers in Hawally. Security sources said the man was rushed to Mubarak Hospital for treatment and the Syrian driver was arrested. – Al-Rai/Al-Anbaa

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