Yousuf Al-Sultan
Yousuf Al-Sultan

We do believe that God has complete power, control and knowledge over everything we might be affected by as a result of natural disasters. Nevertheless, such beliefs do not deviate from scientific, theological and research observations and conclusions, since the universe and personal attitudes are completely governed and controlled by Almighty God, even prior to the creation of the universe.

In August 2017, an Indian scientist named Babu Kalyil predicted via research and scientific calculation that before December 31, 2017, the world would experience a viscous series of earthquakes and tsunamis, specifically in the Indian Ocean associated with Seesham Storm (with velocity of 120-180 km per hour), combined with heavy rain. Seaside cities and areas would be affected severely and dramatically.

According to Kalyil, such disasters would affect the following countries: India, China, Japan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) states.

The Holy Quran mentions in Surat Al-Hadeed that catastrophes affecting the world or human beings are documented and have been predetermined by God even prior to the creation of the universe. However, our limited knowledge of such Heavenly issues hampers our ability to assess the justification of God's doings which affect the universe or us. The only measures that we could employ is to predict the extreme damages resulting from such disasters, and to minimize their adverse and severe impacts.

By Dr Yousuf Al-Sultan